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About us
A collective of Homestuck fans from diverse backgrounds, Studio June consists of artists, writers, musicians, and programmers from across the fandom - all dedicated to a vision of post-canon content that explores the characters we all love in a thoughtful, respectful way.

The Name
Named after June Egbert, the name June conveys a sense of meaning in the Homestuck fandom - a sense of freedom from canon constraints and the boundless optimism that fans have the power to shape their own experiences with a work of fiction.

our core members.

Bucky Grant
Bucky is a veteran of the Homestuck fandom for ALMOST a decade now, and has juggled a variety of work including writing, voice acting, art, game design, and of course, podcasting.

They are the director for New Game Plus, art director for Friendsim 2, and a writer for both projects and programming manager for New Game Plus.

Jonaya Riley
Jonaya is a prolific writer and creator in the Homestuck fandom, having worked on numerous zines and projects and written more than a million words of Homestuck fiction.

She is the director for Friendsim 2 and the narrative director for New Game Plus, as well as a writer, UI designer, programmer, and artist on both projects.

Anna Marcus
Anna is a trained composer with years of experience both in the areas of music and vocal performance. She has been involved in a number of fan projects, including writing the Time's Apprentice musical and directing a popular series of Hiveswap comic dubs.

She is the voice director for Friendsim 2, as well as a writer for Friendsim 2 and composer on both Friendsim 2 and New Game Plus.

Momo has been reading MSPA materials since 2008, and has no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. They create the Act 8 fan adventure, and contribute to other fan projects like Vast Error and Act Omega.

They are the art director, an artist, and a writer for New Game Plus and Friendsim 2.

Daft creates critical fiction for the fandom space and is the writer and artist for the Alpha Halcyon Epsilon fan adventure.

They are a writer and core creative team member for New Game Plus.


our projects.

Friendsim 2
A visual novel set as a direct sequel to Hiveswap: Friendsim and Pesterquest. Friendsim 2 is currently in production and scheduled for episodic release starting April 13th, 2022.
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Homestuck New Game Plus
New Game Plus is a visual novel taking place in a post-canon world that explores the ways in which the characters from Homestuck deal with the aftermath of Sburb.
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open applications.

We don't have any open applications for projects at this time.

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